The public ledger of the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is Blockchain technology. Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency and many traders are earning good profits trading bitcoin. However, for a safe trading experience, traders have to choose a reliable crypto trading platform. Bitcoin Smarter is one such platform that provides all the features that help traders to trade smoothly. Visit the Bitcoin Smarter Review & Erfahrungen site to learn more about this platform. It is a wonderful record keeper that can track every transaction that happens in the string. This self-tracking technology has been used at its best to develop an electronic signature by Nicholas Thorne to create BlockSign.

BlockSign is a software that allows users to upload a document and give it a legal signature stamp along with the date and time. You can get an email along with your document after 25 minutes. A record of the sign will also be stored on the blockchain that can be accessed anytime you wish.

The document you have signed will be converted into 32 graphics chains or a cryptographic hash with the help of the software. It will be a private record to sign the document you upload and this signature will be stored safely in the blockchain. Only you are given the power to unlock the documents uploaded.

Services like Docusign and EchoSign have been already helping users to sign their legal documents. They allow you to securely sign your documents and store them in cloud storage. However, they are ideal for enterprises rather than an ordinary user as they charge $10 monthly to sign five documents.

HelloSign is another electronic signature service that makes use of open Ai. It is compatible with DropBox as well as Google. The two-factor authentication and SSL security offer great security. The platform is highly user-friendly and is free for a user who needs to sign less than three documents a month.

All these services charge extra fees for additional security and storage options. The price range comes between $15 to $40 per month. Your first five signatures will be completely free through BlockSign and charge just $5 for the next 50 signatures that can be used anytime.

The best option to protect your signatures is to keep them safely with yourself without an intermediary. If there is a company in between, there are chances that your signature is tracked or copied to other documents without your permission. It is very difficult for hackers or identity thieves to steal your signature from BlockSign as decryption is impossible. BlockSign is trustworthy as it is based on reliable and secure technology.

Blockchain is an open-source technology and therefore, several competitors are trying to develop a platform similar to BlockSign. A bitcoin wallet, Armory, is providing lockbox storage multi-signature functionality to help the accounts that require more signatures to discharge cash. Ethereum is another company, entering into smart contracts to expand its operations more than being a currency ledger to a secured and codified trading. The company aims at managing domain names, voting, crowdfunding, financial exchanges, contracts, company governance, intellectual property, etc. Thus, Ethereum is trying to build a reputation similar to that of BlockSign. Besides the popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, many new cryptocurrencies are also gaining the attention of investors. Look for the cryptocurrency expected to explode while investing.

BlockSign is planning to expand its services to storage, transactions, record-keeping, etc will make purchases and payments simpler than before. However, it will be hard for them as several companies are competing with them.